What a WONDERful WEEK #1

During this week at iDiploma, we took the Gallup Strengthsfinder test.  Overall the test took forty minutes, and I had never felt more like an opened book and surprised in my life. img_20160908_101748586It seemed as though this test knew me even though I only put in answers to the question.  One strength that surprised me the most is Developer.  Reading the skill descriptions specified for me I realized that I had always unconsciously done this skill.  It described me as someone who helps people develop and recognize their strengths, and also as someone keenly aware of others moods and what they may need. I knew that I had this skill, but I never had a name for it nor did I know how I could contribute to the team with this skill.  Now I know that in a team I can help my teammates grow in their strength, personally, or professionality.  This week I was surprised once again.  While working with my team I learned that people are also oblivious to their own strengths while to others they seem obvious.  For example, one member of our group was Futuristic, and often during our meeting he would make connections of what we could do later years at a time.  He read that he was surprised about this skill, while all of us weren’t. 

One of the many helpful lessons we learned this week was how to have a good discussion.  Most of us graded and evaluated ourselves very high on the scale, and afterwards we realize that one of the most important things in giving feedback is being truthful, to yourself and others. From the feedback that our facilitators gave me, I found that I speak…a lot.  Though I may have meaningful input, I also need to get others input and draw them into the conversation.  This next week my goal is to draw others to put their input into the conversation, and through this help further the conversation. Also, I need to be asking more deeper discussion questions.  I can do this by writing down what questions and input other give so that I know what they said to build upon it.

 In 30 days we were challenged to set up a goal that altogether help us become better at innovation, my long term goal in Innovation Diploma.  My goal is to take a picture and ask

The first picture of the challenge

a question relating to the picture, and overall help me become better at questioning what is around me.  A problem that I feel most people are faced with is we take everything for granted.  If you see something every day you start to not ‘see’ it, or not questioning it existence.  I have also fallen into that habit.  To become a better innovator I think that I need to question my surroundings better.  My mind pumping challenge will get me to doing what I love, taking pictures, and get me to question everything around me.


Last week we were all faced with challenges and adversities that affected what each of us did and didn’t do.  Although, these challenges also motivated us to do things that we had never thought of before.  For example, one challenge that we were given was to come up with ideas for improvement for the Outdoor Classroom located at the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.  While we were making our Pecha Kuchas, we were very

View our final product

unorganized and I didn’t know really what to say for our presentation.  Another member of our group volunteered to speak for the recording of the project, I gladly said she could even though I was the public speaking representative.  Fear of failing the Pecha Kucha project stopped me from wanting to speak and present our project.   Another time this week fear affected what I did.   For our 30 Day Mindpumping challenge, I really want to complete and get something out of my goal.  My fear of not taking my picture every day has pushed the thought to do so at the front of my mind.   So far I have kept up with the challenge, and fear now has motivated me.  


Going into this week my first logical step is to start realizing when I use my strengths unconsciously.  My plan to do this is to write down examples and instances during the day that I recognized using my strength.   From this step, I will then find times during the day when I could use the strength that I have. 

Overall this week has been very inspiring and already I see myself as more and more of an innovator.  I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold!


1 thought on “What a WONDERful WEEK #1

  1. Congratulations, Skyler, on starting your iDiploma journey with a thoughtful blog about your experiences this week. The strength finder exercise is one that even few adults get to take, or at least take seriously. And I like how your challenge is framed as a way to extend your capacity as a questioner. You may ask Ms. Cureton or Mr. Adams (or senior iDiploma students Anya and Emmy, who will tell you I have some interest in the question of questioning! If I can be of help to you or your fellow students as you progress, you only need reach out and ask.


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